| | | Treasure Garden Shademaker Galaxy Cantilever - Octagonal
Treasure Garden Shademaker Galaxy Cantilever - Octagonal

Treasure Garden Shademaker Galaxy Cantilever - Octagonal

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Item #: GALAXY-50
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Grade C: Obravia Aqua | 5816 Grade C: Obravia Black | 5808 Grade C: Obravia Chocolate | 4827 Grade C: Obravia Cobalt | 5801 Grade C: Obravia Eggshell | 5804 Grade C: Obravia Fog | 5851 Grade C: Obravia Khaki | 5822 Grade C: Obravia Kiwi | 5850 Grade C: Obravia Mocha | 5825 Grade C: Obravia Navy | 5839 Grade C: Obravia Red | 5803 Grade A: Sunbrella Antique Beige | 5422 Grade A: Sunbrella Astoria Lagoon Stripe | 56096 Grade A: Sunbrella Astoria Sunset Stripe | 56095 Grade A: Outdura Beacon Ash | 6457 Grade A: Sunbrella Black | 5408 Grade A: Outdura Breaker Surf Stripe | 6657 Grade A: Sunbrella Buttercup | 5438 Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas | 5453 Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas Coal | 5489 Grade A: Sunbrella Charcoal | 54048 Grade A: Outdura Clover | 6458 Grade A: Sunbrella Cocoa | 5425 Grade A: Outdura Courtyard Beach Stripe | 6628 Grade A: Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo | 6013 Grade A: Sunbrella Dupione Sand | 6011 Grade A: Sunbrella Dupione Walnut | 6017 Grade A: Sunbrella Fern | 5487 Grade A: Sunbrella Forest Green | 5446 Grade A: Sunbrella Frequency Parchment | 56093 Grade A: Sunbrella Frequency Sand | 56094 Grade A: Sunbrella Ginkgo | 54011 Grade A: Sunbrella Heather Beige | 5476 Grade A: Sunbrella Henna | 5407 Grade A: Sunbrella Jockey Red | 5403 Grade A: Sunbrella Milano Cobalt Stripe | 56080 Grade A: Sunbrella Natural | 5404 Grade A: Sunbrella Navy | 5439 Grade A: Outdura Neptune | 6433 Grade A: Sunbrella Pacific Blue | 5401 Grade A: Sunbrella Peyton Granite Stripe | 56075 Grade A: Sunbrella Rachel Stripe Redwood | 5612 Grade A: Sunbrella Sesame Linen | 8318 Grade A: Outdura Signal Crimson Stripe | 6648 Grade A: Sunbrella Spa | 5413 Grade A: Sunbrella Straw Linen | 8314 Grade A: Outdura Surf | 6447 Grade A: Outdura Taupe | 6461 Grade A: Sunbrella Taupe Beige Rib | 7761 Grade A: Sunbrella Teak | 5488 Grade A: Outdura Terra Cotta | 6409 Grade A: Outdura Terrace Taupe Stripe | 6627 Grade A: Sunbrella Walnut | 5470
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Sale: $4,853.00

Product Details
To shelter and shade large areas, the Treasure Garden Shademaker Galaxy Cantilever - Octagon provides the most coverage of any offset umbrella. Designed and engineered for commercial use, this umbrella has also found its way into residential applications because of its strength, durability and exemplary performance features. It rotates 360 degrees and has a secure locking mechanism. The shade itself is made from commercial, awning grade Sunbrella and O'Bravia fabrics which are fade, moisture and mildew resistant and will not rot. This umbrella has an aluminum frame and is available in a silver shadow finish. The Galaxy Octagon measures 16'4" in diameter and provides 210 sq. ft. of shade coverage. We recommend professional installation for this large umbrella. Umbrella base is sold separately. Minimum Base Weight: 1,800 lbs.

All Shademakers Umbrellas include the Internal Mast stem for installation and a SPECIAL BONUS: Custom Fabric Protective Cover.

All Shademakers fabrics priced on this page are made of Awning/Marine Grade Sunbrella 100% solution-dyed acrylic with a 10 year limited warranty. We also offer lesser expensive O'bravia fabrics made of 100% solution-dyed polyester. Frame stocked only in a Silver Shadow frame finish.

NOTE: Our website features Treasure Garden's most popular fabrics. Additional fabric colors are available. Please inquire if interested in purchasing fabrics not shown by calling 866-350-8325 for details and available options.

Installation Options
  • Bolt to base plate (plate bolted to concrete patio)
  • Install in ground or build into concrete with in-ground fitting
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