| | | Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Hardwood Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella
Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Hardwood Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella

Treasure Garden 9' Octagonal Hardwood Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella

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Product Details
The quad-pulley lift system makes deploying the Treasure Garden 9' Hardwood Pulley Lift Umbrella an easy task. The frame of this umbrella is made from environmentally-responsible FSC certified hardwoods which are also used for the 8 ribs and two piece pole (1.5" diameter). This umbrella is 100" tall and has a 76.5" clearance when fully open. A single wind vent tops the market-style canopy that is available in Umbrella base is sold separately.

Our Quick Ship umbrellas are listed as shipping within 5 - 10 business days and other fabric options ship within 4 - 5 weeks. Only available as Single Wind Vent (SWV) and without a Valance. Fabrics for these umbrellas are available in Grade A and Grade AA Sunbrella Acrylic (5 yr. fade warranty), Grade C O'Bravia Polyester (4 yr. warranty) or Grade D 100% Solution-Dyed Olefin (2 yr. warranty). Recommended minimum of 50 - 80 lb. base for this style. Wood finish may fluctuate. Bar height bottom pole not available.

NOTE: Our website features Treasure Garden's most popular fabrics. Additional fabric colors are available. Please inquire if interested in purchasing fabrics not shown by calling 866-350-8325 for details and available
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