| | | Treasure Garden 7.5' Octagonal Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella
Treasure Garden 7.5' Octagonal Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella

Treasure Garden 7.5' Octagonal Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella

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Item #: UM9070, UM9079, UM9073, UM9071
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Grade C: Obravia Admiral | SWV-4833 Grade C: Obravia Amber | SWV-4888 Grade C: Obravia Aqua - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4816 Grade C: Obravia Auburn - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4807 Grade C: Obravia Berry | SWV-4836 Grade C: Obravia Black - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4808 Grade C: Obravia Black Latte Stripe | SWV-4891 Grade C: Obravia Blue Jay | SWV-4881 Grade C: Obravia Boulder | SWV-4820 Grade C: Obravia Brown Sugar | SWV-4885 Grade C: Obravia Burnt Orange | SWV-4809 Grade C: Obravia Champagne | SWV-4800 Grade C: Obravia Chocolate | SWV-4827 Grade C: Obravia Cobalt | SWV-4801 Grade C: Obravia Eggshell | SWV-4804 Grade C: Obravia Forest Green - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4846 Grade C: Obravia Hampton Stripe | SWV-4899 Grade C: Obravia Harvest | SWV-4848 Grade C: Obravia Khaki - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4822 Grade C: Obravia Kiwi - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4811 Grade C: Obravia Lemon - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4838 Grade C: Obravia Mocha | SWV-4825 Grade C: Obravia Navy - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4839 Grade C: Obravia Ocean Breeze Stripe | SWV-4897 Grade C: Obravia Olive | SWV-4828 Grade C: Obravia Red - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4803 Grade C: Obravia Ridge Beach | SWV-48011 Grade C: Obravia Ridge Canyon | SWV-48066 Grade C: Obravia Ridge Sequoia | SWV-48056 Grade C: Obravia Sand - 2 wk. Quick Ship | SWV-4876 Grade C: Obravia Sahara Stripe | SWV-4886 Grade C: Obravia Sedona Stripe | SWV-4898 Grade C: Obravia Sesame | SWV-4818 Grade C: Obravia Silver Linen | SWV-4812 Grade C: Obravia Sky | SWV-4826 Grade C: Obravia Spa | SWV-4813 Grade C: Obravia Straw | SWV-4814 Grade C: Obravia Sunset | SWV-4815 Grade C: Obravia Taupe | SWV-4861 Grade C: Obravia Vanilla | SWV-4853 Grade A: Acrylic Cast Ash (+$53.00) | SWV-40428 Grade A: Acrylic Cast Lagoon (+$53.00) | SWV-40456 Grade A: Acrylic Cast Petal (+$53.00) | SWV-40431 Grade A: Acrylic Cast Silver (+$53.00) | SWV-40433 Grade A: Acrylic Cast Slate (+$53.00) | SWV-40434 Grade A: Acrylic Courtyard Cabo Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-6658 Grade A: Acrylic Gateway Mist Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-58039 Grade A: Acrylic Gateway Petal Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-56027 Grade A: Acrylic Milano Char Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-56079 Grade A: Acrylic Coral (+$53.00) | SWV-6415 Grade A: Acrylic Sea Spray (+$53.00) | SWV-6411 Grade A: Acrylic Terrace Coral Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-6659 Grade A: Sunbrella Antique Beige (+$53.00) | SWV-5422 Grade A: Sunbrella Astoria Lagoon Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-56096 Grade A: Sunbrella Astoria Sunset Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-56095 Grade A: Outdura Beacon Ash (+$53.00) | SWV-6457 Grade A: Sunbrella Black (+$53.00) | SWV-5408 Grade A: Outdura Breaker Surf Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-6657 Grade A: Sunbrella Buttercup (+$53.00) | SWV-5438 Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas (+$53.00) | SWV-5453 Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas Coal (+$53.00) | SWV-5489 Grade A: BellaDura Cha Cha Lime (+$53.00) | SWV-6811 Grade A: BellaDura Cha Cha Peacock (+$53.00) | SWV-6801 Grade A: BellaDura Cha Cha Pomegranate (+$53.00) | SWV-6803 Grade A: Sunbrella Charcoal (+$53.00) | SWV-54048 Grade A: Outdura Clover (+$53.00) | SWV-6458 Grade A: Sunbrella Cocoa (+$53.00) | SWV-5425 Grade A: Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo (+$53.00) | SWV-6013 Grade A: Sunbrella Dupione Sand (+$53.00) | SWV-6011 Grade A: Sunbrella Dupione Walnut (+$53.00) | SWV-6017 Grade A: Sunbrella Fern (+$53.00) | SWV-5487 Grade A: Sunbrella Forest Green - 2 wk. Quick Ship (+$53.00) | SWV-5446 Grade A: Sunbrella Frequency Parchment (+$53.00) | SWV-56093 Grade A: Sunbrella Frequency Sand (+$53.00) | SWV-56094 Grade A: Sunbrella Ginkgo - 2 wk. Quick Ship (+$53.00) | SWV-54011 Grade A: Sunbrella Heather Beige - 2 wk. Quick Ship (+$53.00) | SWV-5476 Grade A: Sunbrella Henna (+$53.00) | SWV-5407 Grade A: Sunbrella Jockey Red - 2 wk. Quick Ship (+$53.00) | SWV-5403 Grade A: Sunbrella Milano Cobalt Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-56080 Grade A: Sunbrella Natural - 2 wk. Quick Ship (+$53.00) | SWV-5404 Grade A: Sunbrella Navy (+$53.00) | SWV-5439 Grade A: Outdura Neptune (+$53.00) | SWV-6433 Grade A: Sunbrella Pacific Blue - 2 wk. Quick Ship (+$53.00) | SWV-5401 Grade A: Sunbrella Peyton Granite Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-56075 Grade A: Sunbrella Rachel Stripe Redwood (+$53.00) | SWV-5612 Grade A: Sunbrella Sesame Linen (+$53.00) | SWV-8318 Grade A: Outdura Signal Crimson Stripe (+$53.00) | SWV-6648 Grade A: Sunbrella Spa (+$53.00) | SWV-5413 Grade A: Sunbrella Straw Linen (+$53.00) | SWV-8314 Grade A: Outdura Surf (+$53.00) | SWV-6447 Grade A: Docril Tango Glacier (+$53.00) | SWV-7816 Grade A: Docril Tango Pearl (+$53.00) | SWV-7853 Grade A: Docril Tango Truffle (+$53.00) | SWV-7825 Grade A: Outdura Taupe (+$53.00) | SWV-6461 Grade A: Sunbrella Taupe Beige Rib (+$53.00) | SWV-7761 Grade A: Sunbrella Teak (+$53.00) | SWV-5488 Grade A: Outdura Terra Cotta (+$53.00) | SWV-6409 Grade A: Docril Vine Licorice (+$53.00) | SWV-7850 Grade A: Sunbrella Walnut (+$53.00) | SWV-5470
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Black | UM9079 Bronze | UM9070 Champagne | UM9071 White | UM9073
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Sale: $168.00

Product Details
With four aluminum finishes from which to choose and scores of vibrant outdoor fabrics, the possibilities for a custom shade solution are endless with the Treasure Garden 7.5' Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella. Enjoy the convenience of single button control to tilt this umbrella and direct shade where you need it. This umbrella size works well with 48" and 54" round tables as well as between two chaises by the pool. Umbrella base is sold separately.

Our Quick Ship umbrellas are listed as shipping within 5 - 10 business days and other fabric options ship within 4 - 5 weeks. Only available as Single Wind Vent (SWV) and without a Valance. Fabrics for these umbrellas are available in Grade A and Grade AA Sunbrella and Outdura Acrylic (5 yr. fade warranty) or Grade B & C O'Bravia Polyester (4 yr. warranty). Frames available in Bronze, Champagne, & Black finishes. You can choose from over 135 solution dyed fabrics.

Recommended minimum of 50 lb. base for this style. Option to choose between a 36" standard height bottom pole or upgrade to a 45" bar height bottom pole. The bar height extension pole easily replaces the bottom of the standard pole to give it more height to fit bar height patio tables (good for up to 42" bar height tables).

NOTE: Our website features Treasure Garden's most popular fabrics. Additional fabric colors are available. Please inquire if interested in purchasing fabrics not shown by calling 866-350-8325 for details and available options.
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