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Travis Industries Tempest Torch Head NG - Electronic Ignition

Travis Industries Tempest Torch Head NG - Electronic Ignition

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Product Details
The Tempest Torch is a versatile outdoor gas lamp that lights pathways as well as illuminates outdoor features. It can be wall mounted, post mounted or pillar mounted and offers a decorative flame that dances and spirals without the use of electricity. The standard base Tempest Torch includes the torch head and includes a gas valve, maximum 20,000 BTU burner, igniter as well as four glass panels and the frame. This model, Travis Industries' Tempest Torch with Electronic Ignition, is fueled by natural gas and is controlled by a wall switch control. This unit can also be used in conjunction with a programmable timer or controlled via a Smart Home system. Connect up to 25 Tempest Torches on one system for finger-tip, push button convenience that controls a low voltage unit mounted near the base of each torch. The Pillar Mount works for columns or pedestals (6" tall) and the Wall Mount is used for entry ways and sides on building. The Deck Mount Post is for installation on decks (94" tall). The In Ground Post is used for installation in ground (buried). If you need additional mounts please refer to the Travis Industries Tempest Torch Mounts.

The Tempest Torch comes as a standard base unit (a.k.a Torch Head) that includes gas valve, burner, igniter, glass panels, rain cap and frame.

Additional features, operating instructions and maintenance details can be found in the Tempest Torch Electronic Ignition Manual. For installation tips and mounting options please download the Tempest Torch Mounting Manual. All warranty questions can be answered by reviewing the Tempest Torch Warranty Sheet. For the complete product line and more information please view the Tempest Torch Brochure.
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