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SunBriteTV Ceiling Mount - 32" TV

SunBriteTV Ceiling Mount - 32" TV

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The SunBrite TV Ceiling Mount is built for SunBrite 32" TV models. It is available in silver or black finish and includes stainless steel mounting hardware. The unit is rust- and weather-proof and meets VESA standards. There is an adjustable extension column that permits 1" adjustments without dis-assembly from three to nine inches above the TV to the ceiling.

Additional information about each television model can be found by reviewing the SunBrite TV Spec Sheets. To answer any questions regarding accessories we have a complete sheet of all SunBrite TV Accessories. General cleaning tips and care for your outdoor television is located in the SunBrite TV Cleaning Info Sheet. Important SunBriteTV placement and installation guidelines are in the SunBrite TV Installation Info Sheet.
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