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AuthenTEAK in the PRESS

Featured Magazine Articles

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Featured in Jezebel Magazine April 2013
Best of Atlanta

Featured in the AJC July 2012
Interior Moves Outdoors

Featured in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine August 2011
AuthenTEAK 2011 Apollo Award Nominee

Featured in Hearth & Home Magazine May 2011
The Road to Surabaya

Featured in Casual Living Magazine September 2009
AuthenTEAK 2009 Apollo Award Nominee

Featured in Patio & Hearth Products Report April 2009
AuthenTEAK So Much More than TEAK

Featured in Hearth & Home Magazine July 2008
Unconventional Wisdom

Featured in Atlanta Home Magazine Summer 2006
Conversation with AuthenTEAK

Featured Online Articles
At AuthenTEAK we understand the value of hard work and we're proud to be featured in the following articles:

AuthenTEAK: 2012 Apollo Award Nominee
AuthenTEAK: 2011 Apollo Award Nominee
AuthenTEAK: 2009 Apollo Award Nominee
Patio Hearth & Products: AuthenTEAK - So Much More Than Teak
AJC: AuthenTEAK a one-stop shop for outdoor rooms
AJC: Featured in Home & Living Section
Atlanta Where Magazine: 30 Things we Love about Atlanta
AJC: Outdoor rooms: Take the best design ideas outside
Innovative Outdoors: Featured Article on AuthenTEAK Outdoor Furniture