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With the Swedish-made LooftLighter, there is no longer a reason to fight with matches, unhealthy lighter fluid, rolled up paper or any other outdated method of lighting wood fires or charcoal barbecue grills. The LooftLighter uses its patented hot airstream to easily light a fire in less than 60 seconds. It eliminates the chemical taste that can permeate your food and toxic substances that can harm your health. This amazing tool is fast, clean, safe and above all, easy to use. It will also speed up the process of heating barbecue coals or hardwood chips so they're ready to use in a few minutes. There's even a built-in bottle opener on the LooftLighter, making it indispensable for family get-togethers and outdoor parties. The LooftLighter also makes a great gift.

How It Works The LooftLighter plugs in to a standard wall socket with an included 9.8 inch power cord and blows hot air at 1,256 degrees Fahrenheit. The lighter turns off after you release the power button and the casing safely cools down a few seconds after it's used. Touch the tip of the lighter to your wood or coals and sparks will appear in 15 seconds. Withdraw the LooftLighter by 3-6 inches and continue to heat the same area. You'll quickly have a roaring fire.

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