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Kingsley-Bate Sag Harbor Sofa

Kingsley-Bate Sag Harbor Sofa

Lead Time -Driftwood frames ship next business day. Mocha frames ship early October. Oyster frames ship within 1 - 2 weeks. Quick Ship cushion(s) ship 1 - 2 weeks, others ship 4 - 5 weeks.
Item #: (SH75) SH75D, SH75M, SH75Y
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Grade A: Sunbrella Ash | CUS175-4110 Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas | CUS175-5453 Grade A: Sunbrella Charcoal | CUS175-54048 Grade A: Sunbrella Fog | CUS175-4108 Grade A: Sunbrella Navy | CUS175-6439 Grade A: Sunbrella Oat | CUS175-4109 Grade A: Sunbrella Ocean | CUS175-4107 Grade A: Sharkskin | CUS175-9415 Grade A: Sunbrella Spa - 2 wk. Quick Ship | CUS175-5413 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Mushroom  | CUS175-48031 Grade B: Sunbrella Topside Nautical (+$149.00) | CUS175-1303 Grade A: Outdura Antique Beige | CUS175-6422 Grade A: Outdura Black | CUS175-6408 Grade A: Sunbrella Capri Blue | CUS175-5426 Grade A: Sunbrella Cloud | CUS175-5404 Grade A: Sunbrella Coal | CUS175-5489 Grade A: Sunbrella Cocoa | CUS175-5425 Grade A: Denim | CUS175-9869 Grade A: Sunbrella Fern | CUS175-5487 Grade A: Outdura Forest Green | CUS175-6446 Grade A: Sunbrella Gavin Mist | CUS175-56052 Grade A: Hampton Denim | CUS175-5137 Grade A: Sunbrella Heather Beige | CUS175-5476 Grade A: Sunbrella Lilac | CUS175-4143 Grade A: Sunbrella Meadow | CUS175-4128 Grade A: Millstone | CUS175-9862 Grade A: Sunbrella Mineral Blue | CUS175-5420 Grade A: Montauk Denim | CUS175-5127 Grade A: Outdura Neptune | CUS175-6433 Grade A: Outdura Royal Navy | CUS175-5442 Grade A: Sunbrella Sapphire Blue | CUS175-5452 Grade A: Sunbrella Seville Seaside | CUS175-5608 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Birch | CUS175-1706 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Buttercup | CUS175-1712 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Navy | CUS175-1726 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Pesto | CUS175-1702 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Snow | CUS175-1732 Grade A: Outdura Sparkle Taupe | CUS175-1731 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro | CUS175-48022 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Eggshell | CUS175-48018 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite | CUS175-48030 Grade A: Sunbrella Spectrum Sand | CUS175-48019 Grade A: Sunbrella Taupe | CUS175-5461 Grade A: Outdura Terra Cotta | CUS175-6415 Grade A: Sunbrella Walnut | CUS175-5470 Grade B: Sunbrella Adena Graystone (+$149.00) | CUS175-4468 Grade B: Sunbrella Airblue (+$149.00) | CUS175-5410 Grade B: Sunbrella Coastal (+$149.00) | CUS175-54012 Grade B: Sunbrella Cue Dune (+$149.00) | CUS175-4651 Grade B: Sunbrella Cue Parchment (+$149.00) | CUS175-4650 Grade B: Dolce Admiral (+$149.00) | CUS175-5091 Grade B: Dolce Sky (+$149.00) | CUS175-5094 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Crimson (+$149.00) | CUS175-8051 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Dove (+$149.00) | CUS175-8069 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Laurel (+$149.00) | CUS175-8015 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Papaya (+$149.00) | CUS175-8053 Grade B: Sunbrella Dupioni Paradise (+$149.00) | CUS175-8050 Grade B: Sunbrella Natural Rib (+$149.00) | CUS175-7704 Grade B: Sunbrella Parrot (+$149.00) | CUS175-5405 Grade B: Pinstripe Denim (+$149.00) | CUS175-1472 Grade B: Pinstripe Granite (+$149.00) | CUS175-1474 Grade B: Outdura Red (+$149.00) | CUS175-6403 Grade B: Sunbrella Rust (+$149.00) | CUS175-54010 Grade B: Striato Anthracite (+$149.00) | CUS175-5172 Grade B: Striato Silver (+$149.00) | CUS175-5171 Grade B: Sunbrella Tangerine (+$149.00) | CUS175-5406 Grade B: Sunbrella Taupe/Beige Rib (+$149.00) | CUS175-7761 Grade B: Sunbrella Ticking Capri (+$149.00) | CUS175-4035 Grade B: Sunbrella Ticking Jade (+$149.00) | CUS175-4034 Grade B: Sunbrella Ticking Ocean (+$149.00) | CUS175-4033 Grade B: Sunbrella Topside Indigo (+$149.00) | CUS175-1301 Grade C: Sunbrella Fretwork Navy (+$419.00) | CUS175-4990 Grade C: Sunbrella Fretwork Ocean (+$419.00) | CUS175-4992 Grade C: Sunbrella Neo Indigo (+$419.00) | CUS175-457185 Grade C: Sunbrella Neo Silk (+$419.00) | CUS175-457180 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Canvas (+$419.00) | CUS175-9953 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Fog (+$419.00) | CUS175-9908 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Navy (+$419.00) | CUS175-9939 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Oat (+$419.00) | CUS175-9909 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Ocean (+$419.00) | CUS175-9907 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Spa (+$419.00) | CUS175-9913 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Spectrum Mushroom (+$419.00) | CUS175-9931 Grade C: Sunbrella Rain Taupe (+$419.00) | CUS175-9961 Grade C: Sunbrella Rialto Ash (+$419.00) | CUS175-1410 Grade C: Sunbrella Rialto Parchment (+$419.00) | CUS175-1414 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Bleu (+$419.00) | CUS175-4300 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Natural (+$419.00) | CUS175-4303 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Parchment (+$419.00) | CUS175-4302 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Spice (+$419.00) | CUS175-4301 Grade C: Sunbrella Rochelle Toffee (+$419.00) | CUS175-4305 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara (+$419.00) | CUS175-32016 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt (+$419.00) | CUS175-32018 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Sand (+$419.00) | CUS175-32002 Grade C: Sunbrella Sailcloth Seagull (+$419.00) | CUS175-32023 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile Denim White Flowers (+$419.00) | CUS175-1451 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile Meadow White Flowers (+$419.00) | CUS175-1449 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile White Denim Flowers (+$419.00) | CUS175-1452 Grade C: Sunbrella Toile White Meadow Flowers (+$419.00) | CUS175-1450 Grade C: Sunbrella Tweede Denim (+$419.00) | CUS175-4581 Grade C: Sunbrella Tweede Granite (+$419.00) | CUS175-4580 Grade C: Sunbrella Tweede Pebble (+$419.00) | CUS175-4584 Grade D: Batik Navy (+$590.00) | CUS175-4942 Grade D: Sunbrella Fish Bones (+$590.00) | CUS175-6060 Grade D: Heirloom (+$590.00) | CUS175-2813 Grade C: Sunbrella Interlock Ocean (+$419.00) | CUS175-4591 Grade D: Renaissance Cobalt Parchment (+$590.00) | CUS175-4953 Grade D: Renaissance Parchment Cobalt (+$590.00) | CUS175-4952 Grade C: Sunbrella Solana Seagull (+$419.00) | CUS175-3208 Grade D: Sunbrella Taj Silk (+$590.00) | CUS175-6061
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Driftwood - 24 Hour Quick ship | SH75D Mocha - Ships early October | SH75M Oyster - Ships 1-2 weeks | SH75Y
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Product Details
Attractive and versatile, the best selling Kingsley-Bate Sag Harbor wicker sofa has a universal appeal that blends rustic charm and modern comfort. Whether you're entertaining a group of friends or you're spending quality family time watching the sun go down, this all-weather wicker couch is the perfect place to do it. You can choose Sunbrella fabrics in more than 65 beautiful colors and patterns making this deep-cushion sofa the perfect addition to your outdoor decor. It features a fully-welded powder-coated aluminum frame that's rugged and durable, as well as corrosion-resistant, so you'll get years of enjoyment from this hand-woven wicker sofa. Driftwood is our most popular frame color.

Customer's Own Material (COM) accepted. The Kingsley-Bate Sag Harbor collection is standard with a Knife-edge pillow style back cushion with Welt and a Box Edge bottom cushion with Welt. Please inquire for additional details.

Review the Kingsley-Bate Catalog for the complete Kingsley-Bate outdoor furnishings and accessories. Questions regarding furniture cleaning and tips can be found in the Kingsley-Bate Care and Maintenance Sheet. All questions related to warranty information can be answered by reviewing the Kingsley-Bate Warranty.
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