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Golden Care Teak Protector

Golden Care Teak Protector

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Protect the beauty of your outdoor teak furniture with Golden Care Teak Protector, an easy-to-apply outdoor finish that will help maintain the original golden brown color of your teak, and protect the wood from sun, rain and snow. Use it once a year on our teak outdoor tables and other furniture. This innovative Golden Care product is water-based and dries in less than an hour. Unlike oil products that may puddle, your clothes will stay clean when sitting on teak furniture that has been treated with Teak Protector. Please note that the 3 Liter does not include the applicator cloth or scrub.

Contact us for additional details about Golden Care Teak Protector Furniture Treatments. For more information on how to clean and care for teak, as well as information on how to use Golden Care products please download the FAQ Golden Care Sheet.
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