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Gloster Teak Cleaning & Care Kit

Gloster Teak Cleaning & Care Kit

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Clean and protect your teak furniture with Gloster Teak Cleaner, Sealer, and Stain Protector. Give your teak a fresh look with the teak cleaner, which comes in a 25 oz. bottle with a special applicator. After cleaning your furniture, you will want to use teak sealer to help retain the golden-brown color and enhance mold resistance. This sealer will not compromise the strength of the wood or the furniture's longevity in any way. For maximum effectiveness, it should be applied once a year to provide continued protection against weathering. Finish with the stain protector, which allows your beautiful teak to age without stains from food, mildew, or dirt. These three products will keep your teak furniture Teak is relatively low maintenance, but with a little bit of care, you can help your teak outdoor furniture age a little more gracefully.

Set Includes:
  • - 25oz. Teak Cleaner
  • - 33oz. Teak Sealer
  • - 33oz. Teak Protector

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