| | | | Gloster Oyster Reef Reclining Lounge Chair
Gloster Oyster Reef Reclining Lounge Chair

Gloster Oyster Reef Reclining Lounge Chair

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Grade A: Sunbrella Ash Frequency | AFRE Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas | CAN Grade A: Sunbrella Canvas Taupe | CTA Grade A: Sunbrella Cast Slate | CSL Grade A: Sunbrella Fern | FERN Grade A: Sunbrella Mineral Blue | MBL Grade A: Sunbrella Navy | NVY Grade A: Sunbrella Pebble | PEB Grade A: Sunbrella Sand Frequency | SFRE Grade A: Sunbrella Sky Blue | SBL Grade B: Sunbrella Dupione Laurel (+$30.00) | DLA Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Flax (+$30.00) | EFL Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Fog (+$30.00) | EFO Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Frost (+$30.00) | EFR Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Granite (+$30.00) | EGR Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Mineral (+$30.00) | EMI Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Sky (+$30.00) | ELSK Grade B: Sunbrella Elite Terracotta (+$30.00) | ETE Grade B: Sunbrella Fife Granite (+$30.00) | FIGR Grade B: Sunbrella Fife Navy (+$30.00) | FNA Grade B: Sunbrella Sportside Navy (+$30.00) | SNA Grade B: Sunbrella Terracotta (+$30.00) | TER Grade C: Sunbrella Basin Indigo (+$90.00) | BAIN Grade C: Sunbrella Basin Whisper (+$90.00) | BWH Grade C: Sunbrella Renaissance Enlighten Denim (+$90.00) | EDE Grade C: Sunbrella Renaissance Enlighten Fern (+$90.00) | EFE Grade C: Sunbrella Renaissance Enlighten Sky (+$90.00) | ESK Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Coal (+$90.00) | MCO Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Fern (+$90.00) | MFE Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Flax (+$90.00) | MFL Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Granite (+$90.00) | MGR Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Henna (+$90.00) | MHE Grade C: Sunbrella Mez Indigo (+$90.00) | MEIN Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Coal (+$150.00) | CCO Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Mineral (+$150.00) | CMI Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Pebble (+$150.00) | CPE Grade D: Sunbrella Couture Smoke (+$150.00) | CSM Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Charcoal (+$150.00) | LCH Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Flax (+$150.00) | LFL Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Indigo (+$150.00) | LOIN Grade D: Sunbrella Loft Pebble (+$150.00) | LPE Grade D: Sunbrella Loft White (+$150.00) | LWH Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Dove (+$150.00) | SDO Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Fern (+$150.00) | SFE Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Fog (+$150.00) | SFO Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Granite (+$150.00) | SGR Grade D: Sunbrella Spirit Indigo (+$150.00) | SPIN Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Fern (+$210.00) | BFE Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Graphite (+$210.00) | BGR Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Sky (+$210.00) | BSK Grade E: Sunbrella Bamboo Stone (+$210.00) | BST Grade E: Degradee Cloud (+$210.00) | DCL Grade E: Degradee Granite (+$210.00) | DGR Grade E: Degradee Stone (+$210.00) | DST Grade E: Sunbrella Lima Granite (+$210.00) | LIGR Grade E: Sunbrella Lima Twilight (+$210.00) | LTW Grade E: Sunbrella Lima Woodland (+$210.00) | LWO Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Cloud (+$210.00) | VCL Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Granite (+$210.00) | VGR Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Indigo (+$210.00) | VIN Grade E: Sunbrella Virtue Sky (+$210.00) | VSK
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Product Details
Comfort, adjustability and a satin-smooth finish are all yours when you relax in the Gloster Oyster Reef Reclining Lounge Chair. This premium outdoor chair features a wet sanded, hand buffed saddle finish which is smooth to the touch and unique in the world of teak furniture. The back reclines to the perfect position for reading, conversing or taking an afternoon nap.

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