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Gloster Carver 35

Gloster Carver 35" Square Dining Table

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Teak with Meteor | 7641HM Teak with White | 7641HW Pumice Ceramic with Meteor (+$465.00) | 7642M Pumice Ceramic with White (+$465.00) | 7642W Nero Ceramic with Meteor (+$652.00) | 7647M Nero Ceramic with White (+$652.00) | 7647W Bianco Ceramic with Meteor (+$652.00) | 7648M Bianco Ceramic  with White (+$652.00) | 7648W
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There is true elegance in the simplicity of the design of the four-seat Gloster Carver Square Dining Table. This minimalist design measures 35 by 35 inches and features a powder-coated aluminum frame available in Meteor (dark) or White (light). The tabletop is available in natural teak or in a ceramic Pumice or Nero color. The beautiful teak makes for a classic, natural finish. The ceramic tops are easy to maintain and are resistant to damage from moisture and sunlight. This elegant dining table will add charm and style to any setting.

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