| | | Gacoli Checkmate No. 1 Pendants Set of 24
Gacoli Checkmate No. 1 Pendants Set of 24

Gacoli Checkmate No. 1 Pendants Set of 24

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The Gacoli Checkmate is a modern outdoor hanging light provided with a lampshade and a orange cord. Exterior lighting with high-quality solar cells, three warm white LEDs and crafted from stainless steel. The Checkmate models are all suitable for 365 days a year outdoor and are resistant against all weather influences. Features the innovative Energy Management Unit (EMU) system inside the cover with automatic twilight switch and On/Off button. The light charges during the day using daylight and stores this electricity.

When the light is activated, it converts the stored electricity into warm white LED lighting. More than just a light with LEDs; the EMU from Gacoli is a unit that was especially designed with high-quality solar cells, an intelligent battery, warm white LEDs and other technical inner workings within. The EMU cleverly integrates wireless technology in the lamp, which means no more high electricity costs. Enjoy the Gacoli Checkmate designer-inspired outdoor pendants in your garden or near your outdoor dining space. Sold as a set of 24. Includes charger, remote, and Lithium Battery 3.7V.

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