| | | Gacoli Catwalk Wall Lamps - Set of 12
Gacoli Catwalk Wall Lamps - Set of 12

Gacoli Catwalk Wall Lamps - Set of 12

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The Gacoli Catwalk No. 1 Wall Lamps feature a minimalist design that's ideal for fences or walls. Illuminate your back yard, barn or garden with the solar powered Catwalk Collection. The Energy Management Unit includes an automatic dusk sensor as well as 6 LEDs. This warm white light allows for an easy two-step installation process. All Gacoli exterior lighting can stay outdoors 365 days a year without sustaining damage and are resistant against all weather influences. LEDs are featured on three sides. Sold as a set of 12. Includes Lithium Battery 3.7V and strong ground spikes.

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