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Authenteak 27.5" Rectangular Teak Floor Mat Open Edge - Natural
Authenteak 27.5" Rectangular Teak Floor Mat Open Edge - Natural
AuthenTEAK Teak Floor Mats are ideal for an entrance way, bathroom or shower stall. This teak floor mat is machine made for perfect precision cut and fit. The generous slat thickness of almost 1" per slate guarantees durable heavy use ideal for bathro...
Price: $99.95

Outdoor Teak Spa Mats

Add dimension, warmth and intrigue to your bathroom, kitchen or living area with our wide variety of teak mat options. All of our teak bath mats are designed to be incredibly durable and long-lasting and are machine-made for the best fit and precision imaginable. Choose from a wide range of options, including natural and oiled finishes and an expansive array of styles, sizes and textures to get the effortlessly striking look you’re after.

We carry the ideal teak floor mat for your precise tastes, including open edge teak mats in oiled and natural finishes. These top-quality wooden floor mats are designed especially for entrance ways, shower stalls and bathroom floors and feature generous slat thickness to protect your floors and add an extra layer of stylish dimension to any room.

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